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"what is VGF Program in Bangladesh?"

what is VGF card?

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  • VGF

    VGF=vulnerable group feeding
    This is a part of government Social Safety net program .Under this program government provide food and other basic needs to most vulnerable and marginal group (like poor widow , aged etc)

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  • VGF Program in Bangladesh

    VGF is a form of gratuitous relief. This program is normally launched during disaster and after disaster till the distressed people remaining vulnerable to hunger. It may be stated that the WFP started its relief activities as VGF Programme in Bangladesh among the poorest women from 1975 under projects BGD 2226.

    Allotment: Upto June 2010, 64 District (4818 Union/Pourasava) Total VGF allotted 2,46,702.000 M.T. Rice.

    Source: Department of Relief, Bangladesh Government

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