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"detail about Rajuk Jhilmil project"

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  • anonymous

    last date of jhilmil project application is 10 October 2011

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  • anonymous

    you can apply for rajuk jhilmil project now

    RAJUK is accepting application for Jhilmil project from June 1, 2011. You will find application form here-

    project prospectus here

    more details here


    I hope it helps those who looking for info about this project.

    Answerd by Anonymous | June 01, 2011
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  • anonymous

    RAJUk will call applications for jhilmil project soon

    RAJUk will allot around 1,200 plots in jhilmil project. this project is located in Keraniganj.
    recently jhilmil project director said in a newspaper that 45% of project progress has been completed so far. the handover of plots will take nearly three years time.

    The application form will be available on rajuk official website.

    Answerd by Anonymous | May 09, 2011
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